Woman meditation: how to connect with the sacred feminine

If you are looking for a deeper connection with yourself, try the woman’s meditation and reconnect with your sacred feminine. 

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With so many daily demands, it is difficult to have a space to dedicate yourself, to achieve balance. Through the sacred, we are able to raise our self-esteem, harmonize the physical, emotional body, and our cycles with Mother Earth. It can be said that it is a philosophy of life that is gaining more and more strength among women.

To better understand what it is and how a woman’s meditation can help in connecting with the sacred feminine, read on! 

What is the sacred feminine

Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine

In the past, women had a deep connection with themselves. They practiced their self-care rituals and had a very strong intuition. However, over the years and the advancement of technology, this connection has been lost. 

Contrary to what some people have in mind, the sacred is nothing more than a way of connecting with your femininity. Its great proposal is that you can disconnect for a few moments from the technological world to go in search of self-knowledge and inner strength.

Recapturing this connection requires a lot of study, commitment and compassion. For, we are connecting with the purest form of our being, which has much to teach us.

The benefits that this connection can provide are immense. After all, you will have more awareness and clarity about what is happening around you. 

Woman meditation

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To expand awareness and reconnect with your feminine strength, you need to study and talk to other women. The exchange of experience is extremely enriching in this journey. 

However, not all women feel comfortable talking to others at first. There are those who prefer to gradually discover this wonderful universe that exists in each one of us. Regardless if you already participate in a circle of women in your region or if you want to start little by little, try the woman’s meditation. 

The guided meditation “ Awakening the Sacred Feminine ” is a practice that stimulates the connection with your inner self, leading you to the sacred feminine that is in you.

In this meditation you will meet your elder and have a unique and enriching experience. 

Awakening of the Sacred Feminine

When connecting with your femininity, realize that little by little self-love, self-acceptance, and the way you see your life cycles are transformed. The other areas of life take on a new meaning. You feel more free and independent to go in search of what you really want. 

Respect your internal processes and always encourage connection with your sacred feminine through the woman’s meditation. 

Meditation course: learn to meditate in 21 days

If you have trouble meditating or are not sure how to start practicing, a good meditation course can help you! 

Creating new healthy habits is a way to optimize our routine and also improve our well-being. More and more people are practicing meditation in search of self-knowledge and also for a better quality of life. 

To learn more about how to meditate and the benefits of practice, read on! 

What is meditation 

Meditation benefits: This practice may help you respond better to mistakes

Understanding what meditation is can be confusing for beginners, but the practice is to combine techniques that stimulate concentration and a heightened state of consciousness. Basically, we are talking about something that allows us to be, in fact, in the present moment. 

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years in different cultures around the world. Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, for example, have meditative practices in their tradition. However, meditation itself can be practiced by anyone, of any religion and at any age. 

In the modern moment we live in, where we are increasingly racing against the clock, disorders such as anxiety, stress, depression, panic attack, among others are becoming common. Meditating is helping people who are suffering from this condition to get relief and even heal.

There are different techniques and types of meditation, which are adapted according to the goals and essence of each person. You can meditate with music, walking, minutes before bed, in short, there are countless possibilities. 

Benefits of practice

Meditation is an excellent tool for self-connection and that awakens our awareness to the here and now. In addition to developing presence on a daily basis, the practice also has several benefits that directly contribute to our mental and physical health. Check out!

1 – Stress reduction

Meditation provides mental clarity and tranquility so that decisions can be made, even in situations under pressure, preventing stress from being constant. The practice helps in relieving tension and controls blood pressure, factors that contribute to reducing stress. 

2 – Relief from anxiety and panic attacks

According to research published by the American Journal of Psychiatry, when practiced regularly meditation contributes to the relief of symptoms related to anxiety disorders and panic attacks. 

3 – Improved sleep quality

Learning to meditate is an alternative to fight insomnia and improve sleep quality. With techniques aimed at deep relaxation, meditation improves the quality of sleep and stimulates general well-being. 

4 – Concentration

When meditating the senses are isolated from unnecessary things, so that you can focus on what really matters. Meditation techniques like Mindfulness, for example, help to develop concentration so that you can have more focus, avoiding moments of dispersion. 

5 – Emotional control

The ability to deal with one’s feelings and balance the rational and emotional side is possible through meditation. With each new practice, the process of self-knowledge gets stronger and, as you get to know yourself better, it is easier and more comprehensible to deal with your own feelings and emotions. 

There are countless other benefits and research is being published every time that shows how meditation can contribute to an ever better quality of life. 

Meditation Course

Learning to meditate goes beyond the act of sitting in the lotus position and closing your eyes, this is just a small part of the process that you may not even do. Each person is unique and with so many meditation techniques available, you can combine practices and even find your own way of meditating. 

A good meditation course, like the “ 21 Day Meditation Program ”, will help a lot in this process. Learn the first steps and the basics of this incredible practice that is sure to transform your life. 

Guided by the voice of Juliana Goes , co-founder of Zen, the program is the ideal option for those who want to learn to meditate. Each meditation has a different duration, so that your learning process is smooth and without frustration. 

One of the great advantages of this meditation course is that it is fully guided. You will know exactly what needs to be done and better understand your thoughts. Starting with just a minute, every new day, new progress. 

As you begin your transformative journey with the program, you will have the incentive and basic foundations to discover new ways of meditating. Choose the best time and start your transformation today!

Meditations of the week: songs for meditation and relaxation

Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, take a deep breath and enjoy these songs for meditation and relaxation!

It’s amazing how music relates directly to us. In many cases, a song can change our mood, our thoughts and even our energy in a matter of moments. So it is important to be aware of the types of music we listen to.

Thinking about it, what if we could listen to songs that are like medicine for the soul? With the launch of this week’s meditations it’s possible!

Music for meditation and relaxation

This week, launched an exclusive package of medicinal songs, with high healing power. They are sacred songs used in ceremonies in North and South America, which were produced by Eugene Sedletsky.

They assist in meditation, healing, and spiritual elevation.

Check below a little about each track of this special package.

1 – Heavenly Light 

A powerful song that will bring courage and lightness to your life. Enjoy a powerful melody to awaken the light and all the innocence and generosity that exists within you.

2 – Force of Nature 

Celebrate all the magnificent gifts that Mother Earth has to offer. Used in Ayahuasca medicinal ceremonies, celebrate the courage and harmony present in Mother Earth. 

3 – True Essence 

This is a call to rediscover its true essence. Honor all your emotions and feelings to bring back genuine love and care.

4 – Genuine Happiness

This is a call for all mankind to rescue the genuine happiness that exists in each one. Celebrate the liberation and happiness of all living beings present in this world and rescue your spiritual connection.

5 – Divine Protection 

Allow spiritual teachers to bring you all the healing and clarity you need. In that special moment, feel all the healing energy and unconditional love of angels and spiritual teachers.

What is happiness?

Today Is International Happiness Day, So Be Happy - MTL Blog

What is happiness to you? Have money? Material goods? Find your soul mate? Live traveling the world?

We want to be happy, but what exactly is happiness? How to nurture this feeling that sometimes seems to happen for a few moments? 

For many, not finding happiness is to live a meaningless life, as if nothing is worthwhile. This leads to an endless search, which everyone wants, but does not know exactly what happiness is.

To find out what happiness is and how you can find it, keep reading!

What is happiness?

The decades pass and the human being continues to try to find happiness, to know exactly what it is and to find ways to reach it faster.

It turns out, there is no way to define what happiness is in one meaning or one answer. It is a theme that has been studied for a long time and that had different meanings linked to it.

The perception of happiness can change a lot from one person to another. Some believe that happiness is working with what you like, others that only those who have money are happy and so on.

What we can say is that happiness has always been something very desired and that it is now possible to find happiness in a lighter way.

How to find happiness?

Happiness is something simple and subtle, which can be found in different forms and ways. In fact, if you really want to find happiness, you may need to start meditating.

As the concept of happiness is different for everyone, you must first understand what happiness is for you. For this, the best way is to develop self-knowledge.

Meditation is an excellent ally in this process and is available to everyone. Anyone can start meditating to understand what happiness is for them.

Practice will also help you to cope better with life’s frustrations, to be able to relax and have greater mental clarity. The benefits of meditation are numerous.  

To begin the journey of discovering your happiness, practice ” Self-observation “. A simple meditation practice, but essential for those who want to get to know each other better and are looking for a purposeful and more peaceful life.

Everyone will discover happiness in their own way, but do not let the ego command this quest. Happiness needs to be something light in your life, that can bring fulfillment and that can also be shared.

You don’t have to be happy at all costs and at all times, remember to develop resilience and compassion in your process.

Basically, we are all happy. We just need to nurture that feeling.

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