The impressive benefits of meditation to control stress, improve health and achieve high performance

Those who practice regularly already know the benefits of meditation very well .

But for many this is still an unknown practice or one that is not part of the routine.

And if you don’t practice yet, you may be wasting a lot of your potential !

Márcia is a very busy woman. He divides his time between the management of his advertising agency, his two young children and a master’s degree at one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

Anyone who looks from the outside cannot understand how she manages to keep up with all her commitments and still maintain her good mood and disposition. And without missing deadlines and disappointing your customers or your family.

But it was not always so!

Months ago, it was normal for her to wake up tired, explode with her employees or children and neglect her health.

The transition to balanced behavior only came after a delicate moment: a heart attack that almost cost your life!

Her doctor at the time suggested that Marcia completely change her habits and adopt a new practice to help control stress: meditation .

At first she couldn’t understand how sitting in a quiet place, closing her eyes and paying attention to her breathing could help her deal with anxiety and nervousness.  So constant fact in your day to day.

The beginning was very tumultuous, difficult and she even thought about giving up. But she decided to continue.

Gradually he saw small changes happening, both in his mood and in his level of productivity

In fact, his life continued to be the same as before. With a thousand commitments and a very troubled agenda.

Even so, not only her, but also the people around her, started to live with a much more patient , calm and happy person.

Someone who lives to his full potential, previously hidden.

Márcia, a character in this story, does not exist.

But I guarantee that you must know someone very similar to her. Or maybe even you identify yourself with the description I gave above.

And whether for Marcia or for you, the benefits of meditation are available to anyone who wants to. Just start practicing!

Are you curious to know the benefits of meditation? Then continue reading this article to learn more about:

  • Is meditation just a fad?
  • Health Benefits of Meditation
  • Benefits of meditation against aging
  • Benefits of meditation for high performance
  • Great entrepreneurs who have adopted the practice of meditation

Is meditation the new fashion?


The word “meditation” comes from the Latin “meditatum”, which means to ponder . The first time the term was used was by Monge Guigo II, in the 12th century.

The earliest records of the practice were generally associated with a religious context. Especially in some prehistoric records, where the oldest civilizations chanted mantras and entered a kind of ecstasy during the rituals of offering to their gods.

Scriptures in India suggest that the form of meditation closest to what we know today came about 3,000 years before Christ .

Over time, the practice has spread to Asia. And it underwent minor changes when adopted by different religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism.

Although the methods are diverse, the purpose of meditation was one: to get in touch with the essence and  evolve.

For a long time, meditation was restricted to Eastern countries.

Only in the 20th century was meditation popularized in the United States by Paramehansa Yogananda , an Indian guru who defined the purpose of life as spreading the practice in the West.

How meditation gained so much popularity


Today, if you don’t practice meditation regularly, you certainly know someone who is adept.

There are numerous Yoga academies and meditation schools scattered all over the place. What makes it look like meditating is just a fad to look “ cool ”.

But it was not always so.

At first there was great resistance to the practice of meditation in the West. Both for its association with religions not practiced in the West, and for the belief that to practice it would be necessary to isolate oneself from the world. Just like Buddhist monks.

It was not until 1960 that the benefits of meditation began to be seriously studied by researchers such as Harvard professor Dr Hebert Benson.

In 1967, he found that people in a meditative state used about 17% less oxygen. In addition, they had lower blood pressure and increased brainwave production. Essential to help improve sleep quality.

The benefits of meditation have been validated by science through numerous studies.

Thus, the practice was adopted by celebrities like the Beatles in the 70s. And later, in the 90s, by Hollywood actors, high-performance athletes and entrepreneurs.

Rather than focusing solely on spiritual development, meditation has come to be used as a tool to promote relaxation, get more health and sharpen the mind.

Proving you’re here to stay.

But what exactly is meditation?


If you ask anyone what meditation is , they will certainly know how to answer it.

However, you will hear responses such as: “sit cross-legged”, “be silent” and “ do not think about anything”.

But I ask: have you ever tried not to think about anything?

If you haven’t tried it yet, I guarantee it is an impossible mission!

Meditating has nothing to do with emptying the mind of thoughts . At the very least you would have to think not to think 🙂

More than that, meditation is an exercise of focus and concentration  that promotes physical relaxation and balances the psychological of those who practice it.

Some meditation lines use mantras as an instrument to enter the flow state , while others focus on just watching the breath.

Our mind, especially in a stimulating world, tends to blur quickly.

And during the practice of meditation, especially if you are starting out, this also happens quite often.

One lesson I learned when I was just starting my daily meditation practice was to pay attention to my breathing.

And every time I noticed my mind wandering to other thoughts, I turned my attention to breathing.

With training, you can concentrate more and more easily and for longer.

But if it still seems impossible, let the thoughts flow through your mind. But just be an observer; don’t judge and don’t get involved, just let them pass.

You will begin to realize that being able to enjoy the benefits of meditation is not nearly as difficult as they told you.

Mindfulness : meditation from the point of view of science


Do you know the term “Mindfulness ” or Mindfulness ?

For the popularity of meditation that we see today has a lot to do with the concept of  Mindfulness.

The new type of meditation separated, once and for all, the mystical and religious part of the practice coming from the East. And he decided to focus only on scientific discoveries about the benefits of meditation .

The Mindfulness does not use mantras, does not intend to raise the spirit and not to be a way to find God. It is not linked to Buddhism, Hinduism or Taoism, as it does not take into account the religious side.

The focus is on paying attention to the sensations of the body.  Especially breathing so as to interrupt the mess of disorderly thoughts and calm the monkey mind , that is, the mind full of disorderly thoughts.

It is currently used in hospitals, clinics, schools, military bases, in training elite athletes and in companies.

American doctor Jon Kabat-Zinn created a program called ” Stress Reduction with  Mindfulness “ in 1979. The aim was to treat patients with chronic pain who did not respond to conventional treatments.

Although he used his previous knowledge in meditation and yoga as a basis, spirituality and not even religion were considered basic requirements to start the practice.

If you want to start enjoying the benefits of Mindfulness meditation , you need nothing more than mindfulness .

Health Benefits of Meditation


More than a religious or mystical practice, today meditation is prescribed by doctors. Its application ranges from auxiliary treatment in cases of persistent pain, chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes and even to treat various types of cancer.

There are hundreds of studies to support the health benefits of meditation .

The study carried out by Unifesp, in partnership with Hospital São Matheus, involved a group of  140 elderly people practicing meditation for 2 months, twice a week.

Half of the participants who followed the practice of meditation to the letter twice a week and reported very significant results:

  • 71.19% reported improvements in posture;
  • 64.41% said they were breathing better;
  • 62.71% managed to increase their disposition;
  • 57.63% experienced a reduction in physical pain
  • 45.76% had improvements in chronic diseases (along with conventional treatment);
  • 37.29% reported changes in bowel habits.

Meditation can also be a relief for one of the most annoying pains that exists: headache.

According to the Harvard University study, 19 people who suffered from constant migraine attacks started meditating for 8 weeks.

The results were encouraging: the pain was getting less intense and the crises were shorter. This did not totally dispense with the need to combine drugs for this type of pain.

Meditating is completely natural for our body.

If you follow a correct practice, the tendency is for your body to do a kind of self-healing. It will free your mind from stress and anxiety , two factors responsible for the onset of various diseases.

Benefits of meditation against aging


In addition to boosting your overall health, meditation can make you younger and change the shape of your brain .

Depending on the areas that we activate throughout life, the brain has the ability to enlarge or shrink some regions.

This flexibility explains why meditation really interferes with the shape of the organ (and, of course, its capabilities).

Over the years, the cerebral cortex, that part that you and I both use to create ideas and keep memories, diminishes.

You start to forget where you left your car key, to take your medicine in the morning …

But Massachusetts General Hospital neurosurgeon Sara Lazar found interesting data in a study of meditation practitioners versus non-practitioners.

The prefrontal cortex region of meditation practitioners who were over 50 had the same amount of gray matter as 25-year-olds!

Then, the researcher carried out a second study. This time with people who had never practiced meditation, to see if the practice really increased the density of gray matter.

After 8 weeks, the group that meditated regularly showed an increase in areas of the brain that regulate cognitive ability, memory and emotions.

In addition to a much younger mind. And that in just 8 weeks!

A younger and less stimulated brain is the first step towards high performance.

Are you having trouble starting or maintaining daily meditation practice? So be sure to click below to know the 15 tips that worked for me and that will certainly help you too.

Benefits of meditation for high performance


Keeping your mind focused and focused is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to achieve the maximum results possible.

But I confess that it was not always easy to keep my mind clear and without random thoughts. What was always interfering with my productivity.

It was only after I started the meditation project for 365 days that I realized that I was literally wasting time by distracting myself with unimportant things .

The blurred mind jumps from one thought to another. In addition, it mixes memories of the past with idealizations of the future and, mainly, takes us out of the present moment.

You live yesterday and tomorrow, but today is forgotten, giving space for procrastination. And if you suffer from this problem, you know how frustrating it can be to live with important plans for tomorrow.

I have found from experience that one of the benefits of meditation is the increase in high performance.

However, research by the psychology department at the University of Santa Bárbara found that, in just a few weeks, meditation improved the participants’ ability to concentrate and memory.

In addition to providing an attentive mind, one of the benefits of meditation is the improvement of creativity and the ability to innovate.

As meditation requires you to pay attention to the thoughts that arise, but in a non-chaotic way, helping even in episodes of creative block.

It is easier to look at those ideas that arise at “chance” but that can generate immense value for your life, work or business.

To understand the measurable, the mind needs to be extraordinarily quiet, still – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Great entrepreneurs also recognize the benefits of meditation


An entrepreneur’s life is not easy. Dealing with risks, high workload and managing people are tasks that demand a lot from our physique and mind.

In order to be successful and keep a clear and creative mind , many entrepreneurs are enjoying the benefits of meditation.

A practice that takes no more than a few minutes is ideal for those who have no time to lose and a day full of commitments.

Steve Jobs, the owner of one of the most innovative minds the world has ever seen, started practicing meditation in 1973, even before the creation of Apple.

A pioneer not only in business but also in the way of expanding his consciousness and using his creativity, Jobs believed that, when meditating, he would be more open to listening to his intuition. And of course, be more present in the moment.

In addition to Steve Jobs, other notable entrepreneurs like presenter Oprah Wifrey, Arianna Huffington, president of the Huffington Post Group, and Pat Flynn, author of the blog Smart Passive Income, are adept at meditation as a way to increase their results.

And not only entrepreneurs decided to practice meditation to increase their business performance.

Large companies like Google, Ford and General Mills have also started to teach their employees to form meditation groups and practice at breaks at work.

The interest of companies comes from the favorable changes for their business brought about by the internal change of their employees, such as the increase in the speed of decision making and greater productivity.

But as we have already seen, the benefits of meditation transcend the business world and promote transformations in all aspects of the practitioner’s life.

Whether it is to improve the relationship with your family members or co-workers, not to be stressed by traffic or to have more patience with the neighbor’s dog that does not stop barking, meditation can be a holy remedy.

Are you having trouble starting or maintaining daily meditation practice? So be sure to click below to know the 15 tips that worked for me and that will certainly help you too.



I decided to write about the benefits of meditation because I really felt profound changes in my life.

The best thing about the practice is that it is accessible to everyone. You do not need to buy any special equipment. You don’t need to take courses. Nor dedicate hours and hours of your day to access the results.

It’s amazing how only 15, 20 minutes in the morning can change your whole day, your week and even your way of looking at life.

But if you still feel that meditating is not an easy task and you need help to start changing your reality, be sure to visit the Meditate Transforma course, by Amanda Dreher. With just 8 minutes a day, you already achieve impressive results.

Now I want to know about you. If you meditate, tell here in the comments what are the biggest benefits of meditation in your life.

If you haven’t started practicing yet, what is keeping you from experiencing your full potential and discovering a memorable future?

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