Morning Meditation: techniques for awakening from a full day

5 Free Morning Guided Meditations to Start Your Day - Awake & Mindful

Are you one of those who wake up stressed? The morning has barely started and you are already tired, discouraged and do not see the time of day to end? Because I have the solution to your problems. Discover morning meditation, the perfect formula to start the day on the right foot!

With morning meditation your mornings become more productive and the benefits last all day . It is easy to do and the techniques are quick and invigorating. There are options that take less than 5 minutes! 

If you want to wake up to a day full of energy, this is the best way to start your activities. You can bet that morning meditation will change your mornings, regardless of how stressful your life is. 

Who in the morning understood the teachings of wisdom, in the evening can die happy.

– Confucius

What is morning meditation?

Morning meditation is a set of techniques to meditate in the morning, preferably when you wake up. Meditation should be the first activity of the day, as it will be the beginning of a morning full of energy, and equally productive afternoon and a peaceful, worry-free night.

Imagine the following situation: You wake up very early after a stormy night’s sleep, with a bad mood and zero disposition. Of course, your day will probably be pretty bad. To reverse this situation, meditating may be the solution. 

Although meditation can be done at any time or place, there are specific techniques that help you sleep better or wake up more willing. The practices experienced in the morning provide a great way to wake up with plenty of energy to face everyday situations. 

Through morning meditation, the practitioner gains more focus and attention, bringing productivity to himself. But not only that! If you are struggling to maintain the habit of meditation, taking the time to wake up, makes it easier to build that routine.

Thoughts are like flowers, the ones we pick up in the morning stay lush much longer

РAndré Gide

Morning meditation will transform your day.

Due to the current fast pace of many people’s lives, our days can include a lot of stress and pressure. Although daily tensions are inevitable, morning meditation can help us manage these unforeseen events, whether in personal or professional life.

The first thing I do on the day, either to avoid procrastination or to increase my productivity, is to meditate. I don’t need to, but it helps me to let go of everything that obscures my calm and clarity. I can get away from the confusion, reflect better and reach expectations. 

When you achieve peace and tranquillity with morning meditation, your perspective changes, this is probably what you need to end your day not only with a sense of accomplishment but with a sense of victory. Now see some benefits of morning meditation so you can start practising it as soon as possible!

Benefits of morning meditation

The Guided Morning Meditation for Beginners (That Will Change Your Day)

1 – Helps focus on priorities and make difficult decisions 

It becomes much more challenging to feel motivated by starting the day in a negative and troubling way. Of course, you will have to deal with several problems at the same time. Therefore, knowing where to prioritize and make quick decisions are fundamental skills, both positively related to morning meditation that touches on focus and mindfulness. 

2 – Cultivate peace of mind and good relationships

Starting the day with morning meditation is an excellent opportunity to be fully aware and awake before doing any task. By creating a regular practise, we are cultivating peace of mind and happier relationships. We become more calm and considerate of people. 


3 – It warms up your brain 

If you can get up and add a 5 minute morning meditation to your breakfast, it already counts as a morning stretch for your brain.

Unifesp’s neuroscience researcher, Pedro Calabrez, studies how Mindfulness meditation empowers the brain region. When practising it, the tendency to expand the prefrontal cortex, related to the more sophisticated tasks of the functioning of the mind.

4 – Helps to incorporate a quick and healthy routine

Meditation can be beneficial at any time, but there are undeniable benefits of short morning meditation. Incorporating meditation into your morning is not creating a 3-hour routine; 5 minutes is enough for great results. It can be so quick that I bet you will cling to both meditating on waking up and your cup of coffee.

5 – Can be practised anywhere

We are not always in control of our surroundings or amenities, especially when we travel and have unpredictable schedules. Morning meditation is something that can be done anywhere. 

6 – Wake you up faster

Starting your day with morning meditation can gently release sleepiness for a successful day. If you wake up at 5 or 10 am, it doesn’t matter! Incorporating a daily morning meditation awakens your body to a day full of unpredictable situations and variables.

7 – Increase your productivity

Along with the progress of technology, we are flooded with distractions. Social networks, e-mails and cell phones only get in the way when we try to be productive. Our ultradian cycles are related to everything that works between 90 to 120 minutes; productivity is one of them. 

We are generally more productive in the first 3 hours of the morning. After that, most people begin to experience fatigue and lack of inspiration. Morning meditation can help you spend those 3 hours or more.

Basic morning meditation techniques

The best meditation practice is the one that works best for you. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to meditate, as there are different techniques or styles of morning meditation. Here are some of them:

  • Breathing meditation – Calms the mind and reduces distractions. Focus your attention on deep inhalation and prolonged exhalation for a few minutes;
  • Mantras – Repeating words and phrases can help you find the calm and focus you need for day-to-day situations;
  • Guided meditation – There are guided meditations of less than 3 minutes that can be done while still in bed. They focus on gratitude, love and positive thoughts;
  • Walking meditation – Involve your attention to each of your body’s feelings as you walk. The sensation of the breath, the wind on the skin, the sounds;
  • Mindfulness – Mindfulness is recognizing what is happening in the present moment, without judging thoughts or feelings. It can be done in a few minutes;
  • 6-phase meditation – Meditation guided by our CEO Vishen Lakhiani. In 20 minutes, you are taken to 6 different stages. It is the combination of the best meditation techniques in the world, a great way to start your day.

Mornings can be the best time of day to incorporate meditation because of its peaceful nature. At the same time, afternoons are more likely to be hectic with continually changing to-do lists. A reflection of just 5 minutes is enough to start, but you can choose the duration that is best for your schedule.

Needing to be more productive and less stressed? If you are ready to make a significant change in your life, use your inspiring mornings to meditate. Tell us in the comments which morning meditation technique you use or would like to learn!

How to control your thoughts during meditation

“I will pay the electricity bill as soon as I get up. I must remember to order dinner for 7pm. I need to call the bank to inform them that I will not be home to receive my PIN. It is a great relief to have a results-oriented Prime Minister. What a pity that all ministers cannot be like him”.

Are the voices in your head similar when you try to meditate?

You must have heard or read about how meditation can be soothing and refreshing. What is your experience when you sit down to meditate? Do you feel serene and peaceful? Or are you bombarded by a multitude of thoughts?

Thoughts during meditation

Meditation happens when your thoughts subside, and your mind rests. But how do you put your thoughts to rest in the first place? They are incomprehensible in number and variety. They can come in the form of wishes, ambitions, expectations, doubts, pleasant or unpleasant memories, anxieties … the list is endless.

Let’s explore ways to deal with this variety of thoughts that distract us.

Cut Anxiety

Hand-holding, stress ball don't cut anxiety in skin CA removal

None of us are free from worries. Concerns do not allow us to live fully in the present moment. This is because they revolve mainly around regrets about the past or fears about the future. Try not to regret past mistakes. Or planning the future.

Regular meditation can teach you the fine art of living fully in the present moment. 

Free yourself from Desires

Desire leads you to believe that something is missing to be achieved in life. His current state of affairs is not satisfactory. Passion is like a grain of sand in your eye. You cannot close your eye or open it. You don’t see or ignore this. Desire makes your meditation practice very difficult.

“You cannot enter Yoga (union of mind, body and soul) unless you let go of the desires and aspirations in you.” Bhagavad Gita

The desire to not have a passion is also another type of desire! Don’t try to control your thoughts. Allow them to come and go. Could you not hold on to them? Be dispassionate and detached from events and results, good or bad. In other words, be centred. Meditation helps you stay centred when desires erupt.

Transcend Ambition

Some ambitious people tend to set goals for their meditation sessions as well. Ambition can, at times, manifest itself in obsessions to achieve. When that happens, one continually plans for the future. Forget living in the present. While projecting castles in the air, the meditation session is launched in the air! It becomes a daydreaming session. Fun, but not constructive.

Discard the Doubt

We all have doubts about our mind. This is a reflection of our insecurity, attachment and fear. Uncertainty about the future adds to that. When you close your eyes to meditate, doubt is likely to dominate rational thoughts. This can even lead you to lose faith in meditation.

Remember that we tend to doubt the positive. There is rarely any doubt associated with harmful acts or qualities. If someone says he or she loves you, you will respond with “Really?” But if the same person says, “I hate you!” would you say “Really?”?

Recognize that doubt is an invention of your imagination. You will then be able to dismiss any doubts that arise during meditation.

More tips to get rid of thoughts during meditation.

  1. Meditation practice is best after some physical exercise. You can perform some asanas. Both your body and your mind will welcome the rest that meditation provides. 
  2. Don’t be in a problem-solving mode. When you abandon that attitude and surrender, your thoughts will disappear.
  3. In life, we tend to accept the positive and resist the negative. But what we resist tends to persist. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar suggests, “Shake your hands with your negative thoughts. they will then disappear.”
  4. Allow all your thoughts to come and go. Observe them as an impartial spectator. Don’t judge or classify them. The mind also plays games with you. It makes you think that you are the total of your thoughts. Remember that you are not your body, nor your mind. There is more to you than just that.
  5. Meditation does not require concentration or contemplation. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says that meditation is deconcentration. You also don’t have to solve, prove, plan or achieve something. Meditation does not require you to work hard. You just need to let it go.
  6. A healthy diet also helps to keep your thoughts in check.
  7. Make sure you sleep properly at night so that the meditation session does not become a nap time!

Meditation is not a magic wand that will grant you peace. However, if you practice it regularly, faithfully and sincerely, you will be blessed with serenity. The thoughts that disturb you during your meditation will automatically disappear. You will then be able to experience a deep rest that even a whole night’s sleep cannot match!

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